6 July 2021

The collapse of marine forests

drastic reduction in populations of the family Sargassaceae in Madeira Island (NE Atlantic)
25 June 2021

Winners and losers: prevalence of non-indigenous species

under simulated marine heatwaves and high propagule pressure
8 June 2021

Disease Outbreak in a Keystone Grazer Population

Brings Hope to the Recovery of Macroalgal Forests in a Barren Dominated Island
16 March 2021

Reunión de Partenariado

Celebrada la Segunda Reunión del Partenariado del proyecto MIMAR+
2 March 2021

Polycladida (Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora)

from Cape Verde and related regions of Macaronesia
13 January 2021

Update of the Official Ciguatoxin Control Protocol

El cultivo de dinoflagelados de los géneros Gambierdiscus y Fukuyoa spp.
28 December 2020

Expedition “MARE @ Porto Santo 2020”

within the activities of the MIMAR + project
11 December 2020

Assessing biotic interactions

Assessing biotic interactions between a non-indigenous amphipod and its congener in a future climate change scenario
10 December 2020

Lost and found

A new hope for the seagrass Cymodocea nodosa in the marine ecosystem of a subtropical Atlantic Island