1 Fevereiro 2022

Planktonic Ctenophora of the Madeira Archipielago

Northeastern Atlantic
1 Fevereiro 2022

Especies no autóctonas en ambientes costeros artificiales

Comparación experimental entre granjas acuícolas y marinas recreativas
9 Dezembro 2021

A New Signal of Tropicalization in the Northeast Atlantic

The Spread of the Spotfin Burrfish Chilomycterus reticulatus in Madeira Archipelago and Its Invasion Risk
6 Julho 2021

The collapse of marine forests

drastic reduction in populations of the family Sargassaceae in Madeira Island (NE Atlantic)
25 Junho 2021

Winners and losers: prevalence of non-indigenous species

under simulated marine heatwaves and high propagule pressure
8 Junho 2021

Disease Outbreak in a Keystone Grazer Population

Brings Hope to the Recovery of Macroalgal Forests in a Barren Dominated Island
2 Março 2021

Polycladida (Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora)

from Cape Verde and related regions of Macaronesia
11 Dezembro 2020

Assessing biotic interactions

Assessing biotic interactions between a non-indigenous amphipod and its congener in a future climate change scenario
10 Dezembro 2020

Lost and found

A new hope for the seagrass Cymodocea nodosa in the marine ecosystem of a subtropical Atlantic Island