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Gesplan - Gestión y Planeamiento Territorial y Medioambiental, S.A., constitutes an instrument for the application of the policies of the Government of the Canary Islands in matters of land use, environment and tourist renewal. In the area of ​​its production areas of Territorial Planning and Management, urban planning and tourism and Environment and Infrastructure, it contributes to the objectives of the Government of the Canary Islands to achieve a correct organization of the territory, in accordance with the sustainable development, balance and harmonization of the urban, developable and rural areas, which is one of the basic pillars of the development of the Canary Islands and for this, for years, has been preparing and / or managing territorial and urban planning and environmental instruments, seeking to guarantee their correct application in the different areas of the territory .

Throughout its history, Gesplan has developed innumerable actions related to the preservation and enhancement of the environment in the Canary Islands, all in line with and in full harmony with the natural environment and the natural resources of the islands, developing, with its highly qualified resources human, works, services, projects and technical assistance, always bearing in mind the maximum respect and safeguard of the environmental criteria that apply to each type of work depending on the regulations that affect or regulate the areas in which to intervene.

As an example and regarding the conservation of the Canary Islands biota, Gesplan has carried out a wide and varied range of activities such as: the implementation of bibliographic and cartographic consultation tools, the drafting of species recovery plans threatened, the monitoring of these for their better knowledge, the execution of urgent works to preserve populations of flora or fauna in danger of extinction, the planning and execution of Life and Interreg Projects with European funds, etc.

In recent years, it is worth noting the actions of environmental recovery and restoration of natural environments, carried out through employment plans financed by the Government of the Canary Islands (mainly through the Canarian Employment Service), or by private institutions such as the “La Caixa” Banking Foundation and the Cajacanarias Foundation. These actions have had the attached purpose of incorporating groups at risk of exclusion into the labor market: people with disabilities, minors with legal measures, inmates and ex-inmates, drug addicts, victims of gender violence, immigrants, long-term unemployed, etc.

All of them have put their effort and enthusiasm into the conditioning of roadsides, the removal of spills, the maintenance of restocking, the cleaning of palm groves, the maintenance of trails, the conditioning of ravines, the elimination of exotic flora and treatments landscaping, with the magnificent results that we can appreciate throughout our geography.

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