Partner – RADIO ECCA


Radio ECCA is an educational, communicative and social action institution, born in the Canary Islands on February 15, 1965. Radio ECCA uses technology (radio or ICT) to do your educational work. It has its own teaching system, the ECCA System, in which the pedagogical material, the audio class and the tutorial action are synchronized. Throughout its history, more than two million people have registered to carry out some of their training activities in different communities in Spain. Similarly, through institutional alliances, Radio ECCA operates in Latin America and West Africa.

At MIMAR + Radio ECCA it will be the entity in charge of raising awareness and training the project, the results of which will be as follows:

- At least 200 adults (fishermen) from the Canary Islands will have received training on how climate change affects our coasts and its consequences (microalgae, ciguatera, declining fishing reserves, microplastics , new contaminations ...).

- 800 young people from secondary schools in the Canary Islands will have received face-to-face training and 16 teachers will have been trained.

- 320 fishing professionals in Cape Verde will have completed the training on Ciguatera.

- Increased awareness in the general population (about 40,000 listeners of the audio knowledge bank on average in non-commercial radio).

- Increased awareness in the general population: 8,000 people (it is calculated that each triptych will be seen by 4 people).

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