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The University of Madeira, which enjoys the freedom to define its objectives and teaching and research programs, is a center for the creation, transmission, criticism and dissemination of culture, the science and technology at the service of man, feeling meticulous respect for all their fundamental rights. The University pursues, among others, the following purposes: Human formation, at the highest level, in its cultural, scientific, artistic, technical and professional aspects. Carrying out scientific research activities, promoting the dissemination and social and economic valuation of knowledge and technological innovation. Carrying out academic degree courses and professional higher technical courses, and other non-conference academic degree courses of interest to the Autonomous Region of Madeira; Cultural, scientific and technical exchange with national and foreign similar institutions, valuing, in particular, the cultural heritage of the Autonomous Region where it is inserted, and promoting the effective mobility of students and graduates, both nationally and internationally, particularly in the European Higher Education Area. The promotion and support of actions and programs that contribute to the insertion of their graduates into the world of work and that foster the spirit of initiative, entrepreneurship and professional competitiveness of the graduates. Collaboration in the development of the Region where it is inserted through the training of personnel and the provision of services necessary for the progress and development of society. Participation in the construction of the European area of ​​education, science and culture through exchange and cooperation with related national and foreign institutions. Contribution to the construction of the Lusophony Space through cooperation with institutions linked to the Portuguese-speaking countries and associations. The promotion of a knowledge-based society (knowledge society) through teaching, learning, research and competitive innovation processes nationally and internationally, The University of Madeira, aims to prepare its students to be technically and scientifically competent citizens, educated, innovative and acting on the basis of the values ​​of transparency, justice, equality, fraternity and the sustainable development of the planet. Through its entrepreneurial character, the quality of its research and training and its spirit of service, it aims to be an indispensable actor in the social, cultural and economic development of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and in its internationalization.

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Action 2.1.2 Experimental study of the mechanisms of interaction (inhibition, competition, predation, etc.) between exotic species with habitats and native biodiversity.
Action 2.2.1 HABs Observatory.
Action 2.2.2 Consolidate an Emerging Marine Biotoxin Surveillance Network.
Action 2.2.3 Monitoring of biological agents that produce emerging marine biotoxins in Macaronesia, influence of human activity (modification of the coastal profile, regeneration of beaches, discharge of sewage, etc.).